Website Design


I develop original designs of websites and elements for them. The relevant section of my portfolio presents websites, which designs were developed from 2002 to the present day. Unfortunately, I cannot post all my works. A part of works cannot be posted at the request of a Client that has to hide the design’s authorship, for one reason or another. Some projects are bound by non-disclosure agreements providing non-disclosure of certain items, including design elements and ready-made layouts.

The designer’s portfolio consists only of those works, customers of which did not mind their posting.

What is needed for website design development?

There should be an understanding of what result you want to get, because time and financial expenditures on development depend on it. The more understanding, the more effective work process and result. Accordingly, the less understanding, the longer and more expensive the process. But in this case, you can try as many concepts, options, colors, markups and elements as you want.

The best way is to present your project vision in terms of reference (TOR), which is useful to you during all project stages – when developing a design, makeup, programming, preparing materials and testing. After TOR compiling, you (or a designer) draw mockups (rough layouts) that define the markup and functionality of the future website. When working with me, you can draw them both in specialized applications and in Photoshop, Word or by hand – at your convenience. I can draw mockups myself.

Website Design development stages

Usually, the work is divided into two stages:

1. Homepage Design Development
2. Inner Pages Design Development

Quite often the third stage is added to them, i.e. development of pages and elements not provided in terms of reference, or need for which has arisen in the course of design work.

Design Development Terms

Homepage development usually takes 4-6 working days. Homepage development of complex projects can take up to 10 days

Development time for 1 inner page layout also depends on its complexity and takes from 3-4 hours to 1-2 days.