UI Design (Interface Design)

UI Design Development

Interface design development significantly differs from working on website design and all other design work. The difficulty is that one needs to mark, form and place optimally a large amount of interactive data in a certain area, when working on an interface design. When using complex interfaces, the User plans and implements his activities significantly faster, than on the website. This implies much more rigorous and precise work, especially in complex systems with a large number of elements.

What is needed for UI design development?

Often, if you need to develop an interface design, then you have either design terms of reference, or, more commonly, screenshots or mockups (rough layouts) of a system that you want to design. If you have something of this, then you can send me this information together with a brief project description for assessment of the cost and timing.

Design of what interface types I develop?

I develop designs of almost all kinds of interfaces – web interfaces, CMS-, CRM- and other systems, interfaces for mobile applications, desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS, interfaces for working with a mouse and for working on touch devices, including mixed types of these interfaces, and many others.