Mobile Applications Design

Mobile applications design development

A mobile application is important for any business today. I develop designs for iOS platform (design of mobile applications for iPhone and iPad). Development process of a mobile application design is generally divided into the following stages:

1. Drawing of mockups (rough schemes) of the required screens;
2. Following the mockup approval, the design concept, which contains all the necessary application screens, is discussed, developed and approved;
3. You get screen sources and design elements for mobile application programming.

What is needed for mobile app design development?

Quite often Customers have ready-made screens’ mockups and designed work logic. When you have these data, the work begins with the second stage and timing is reduced. If these data are unavailable, I will need application design terms of reference based on which I will develop the mockups. For this purpose, as for designs of websites and interfaces, you need to understand what result you want to get.