Kazachy Bereg

Recreation Facilities UI Design

Homepage redesign

“Kazachy Bereg” (Cossack Coast) recreation facility required refinement of the website appearance and development of booking interfaces, i.e. they had to be made comfortable, stylish and user friendly.

The website homepage has been redesigned and the main interface styles have been defined, before working on booking interface.

Room selection interface

The room selection interface has been completely redesigned; infographics of price dependence on season has been simplified. Available and unavailable dates for booking can be seen in the information on vacant rooms of the selected category. The current season and the cost of all room categories for today are bookmarked on the page of prices and seasons.

Room reservation interface

Task complexity consists in the specifics of “Kazachy Bereg” reservation system and in the fact that nowadays a small number of researches on interface usability of online hotel reservation systems has been undertaken and published.

After development, processing and refinement of several options, the most convenient and intuitive interface has been created given the specifics of reservation system.

The possibility that no option suits the User is also taken into account. In this case, the User can send a request for resettlement through a special feedback form.

When the User selects the pax, the system offers a list considering the specified number of people with the possibility to choose the age and enter personal data on each person. Then the User either selects one of the settlement options proposed by the system, or independently settles people at his convenience.